Graduation Day - Class of 2018

It's a Great Day … Graduation Day!

Graduation Day - Class of 2018

Our hearts are so full of joy because we have just witnessed our first class graduate. What a great day!

These kids have worked so hard to reach this point in their life, and now they are reaping the reward. Most of them have had to work full time during the day, do their homework at night, and go to school on the weekend. Getting an education was so important to them that they gave up a lot to accomplish their goal. They never took school for granted but felt so blessed to have the opportunity to go.

I am personally so proud of them and appreciate their heart to learn. Not only have they received an education, but they have been taught about our precious Lord; and I proudly say they have all received Christ as their Savior. Yes, this Mama is proud of her Kids!!

Thank you for giving so that these kids could go to school and get an education. They now have hope for a better future. They are so grateful, and so am I.

I am asking the Lord to give back to you 100-fold for your seeds sown. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I Love you,

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