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Charlotte exudes resilience and obedience when it comes to her walk with the Lord. In 1994, the enemy tried to take her life with a threatening disease. Transverse Myelitis is a rare crippling illness that resembles Multiple Sclerosis. This aggressive disease was put in her path by the enemy to diminish the ministry Charlotte knew she was destined for. Determined to live and not die, she stood on God’s healing words. Through a lot of prayer, the Lord was faithful to heal her body, and allowed her to be healthy and free physically and emotionally.

As a survivor she knew that her life was marked for ministry. The lord had spared her, and she chose to give all of herself to him. In 2001, the lord began to reveal a “God Dream” to her. You know one of those dreams that are so big that they can’t come true without God. This revelation led to an idea that was beyond denominational walls and would bring His daughters together from churches all over. Her heart has always been to help women, orphans, and widows. James 1:27 says, "Pure and undefiled religion before God is to care for the orphans and widows in their time of need." This verse has become the foundation of Charlotte’s life.

Now, James 1:27 serves as the foundation for Daughters of Zion. It has been Charlotte’s joy to have the opportunity to speak at numerous retreats, conferences, local seminars and churches. DOZ has become a beacon of light, encouraging people everywhere to trust God, to look over His Word, and to perform it. They serve as the hands and feet of Christ all over the world, all under the leadership of this amazing woman.

  • To reach the Lost, spread the Word of Christ, and to Make a Difference.
  • To share the Message of Jesus Christ and fulfill the commandment given to us to go and reach the Lost.
  • To Touch those who have been broken and lead them to Jesus; to equip believers to stand in the midst of the trials of life; To encourage, comfort, and guide those who have lost their way; and To be a bright light for others to follow as they seek Jesus.




building for god


  • Numerous building projects across Central America
  • Vocation school and library in El Rosario, Honduras
  • Supports orphanage in Haiti
  • Zion’s Home for Widows in Longview, TX
pay it forward


  • Weekly feeding program in El Rosario, Honduras
  • Provided beds to an orphanage
  • Food, appliances, and other services in Honduras and Haiti
  • Provided school supplies to children
people who love are loved


  • Supporting local and international ministries
  • Supporting an orphanage in Haiti
  • Sending many Honduran teens & youngsters to various schools
  • and so many more!

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